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Solid Brick Making Machine

Model No. : KMT-003

solid brick making machine
solid brick making machine

General Specification of Solid Paver Block Making Machine

  • Piston is tough Chrome
  • Wiper on cylinder prime.
  • Super pressing Systems for optimum compression and strength.
  • Discharge of finished product through conveyer for the quicker product.
  • Automatic pressing and demoulding by predetermined machine timer management.
  • The press is controlled by jeans ofPLC.
  • Fly Ash Bricks, created can have a shiny swish end.
  • Safe operating conditions with electricals and mechanical interlock system.
  • Reflective solely. product depend upon the labor effectiveness and blend quality.
  • Advanced Tonnages, Brick size as per client specifications. Standards slipup size is 230 X 100 X 75 mm.
  • Save Ply– Wood expenditure.
  • Specifications square measure subject to alter for improvement. Specifications, eights, volume square measure approximate solely.
  • Manufactures is also introduce analogous variations as they’ll suppose work while not former notice. machines will equipped as per.
  • customer’s specific conditions. Machine capability mentioned is just for steerage. it’ll vary with appurtenances.

Features of Solid Concrete Block Making Machine

Features Machine Specification
Maximum High Pressure Capacity 80 To 100 Tonnage With Vibrator
Total Power Required 18 HP (Three phase)
(Press Machine 7.5 HP + Pan Mixer 7.5 HP + Conveyor Belt 2 HP + Vibrator 1 HP)
Oil Tank Capacity 350 Ltr. (Hydraulic 0iI 68 Number)
Facility Single Feader Facility For Production of Fly Ash Bricks
Material Mixing and Feeding Pan Mixer with Conveyor Belt
Production Capacity Bricks size : 230 x 110 x 75 MM 6,000 To 7,000 / 8 Hours.
Bricks size: 190 x 90 x 90 MM 9,000 To 9,500 / 8 Hours.
Bricks size : 250 x 120 x 75 MM 5,000 To 5,500 / 8 Hours.
Plastic (Wooden) Pallet Size 14.5″ x 24” Inches, Thickness 18 MM
Accessories with plant Press Machine – Power Pack – PLC Panel Board – One Roller Pan Mixer – Conveyor Belt – Two Trolley – Brick Conveying Reil – Tool Box.
Raw Material Fly Ash, Lime Sludge, Gypsym, Aggregate Powder, Cement, Sand Etc.
Labours 6 unskilled – 1 skilled
Size 230 x 110 x 75 MM
Note Also produce Interlocking Paver Blocks Plain Grey

Solid Brick Making Machine Manufacturers

These are solid brick making machine that are operated manually. They do not use any kind of hydraulic system to achieve brick formation. This Types of machines are advantageous, in the sense that they do not require electricity to operate. All operations are done by hand Maintenance costs are significantly lower and the machine requires little or no skill to operate.

Also, there are solid concrete block making machine Cheap to buy compared to other categories of brick making machines. Some of the drawbacks of using this type of machine are the fact that the production rate is slower than with more automated systems, the operator Tired quickly from continuous operation because the system requires a lot of physical manpower and lack of control system and the bricks produced are not entirely the same.

All offered products are designed under the direction of our sphere experts using quality tested material and rearmost technology at well- equipped structure unit solid paver block making machine. This product range is largely needed for their features like sturdy design, continuity, strong construction, easy to use, and featherlight. We’ve the well- equipped structure unit and talented platoon members. Also, we give training sessions for our masterminds to increase knowledge that’s used in product processes.

Our packaging unit is well- connected with transportation to reach products to the patrons in the safest way. also, we use high- quality packaging material to insure disfigurement-free delivery. In addition to this, we’ve incorporated advanced styles of product, which have enabled us staying on pace with the rising artificial challenges. His vast assiduity experience has helped us to place ourselves in an unequaled position in the assiduity solid brick making machine manufacturers.

Let’s see this machine’s operating theory. Manufacturing of solid brick making machine price, industrial stone, pulverized coal ash, industrial cement, industrial sand, and other materials in equal percentages and water mixture as raw material. It is important to use a specified proportion of materials to prevent damage to the machine. The most important element is cement. Make sure that it is used.

The concrete block machine uses pressure and vibration to form different kinds of concrete blocks by using different molds. The machine is then pressed with high pressure so that well-made cement, hollow and pavement blocks are manufactured. This block making machinery is also known as a non-burning block machine as it doesn’t require fire to complete the whole process.

Individualities just starting out slipup timber business should buy a homemade slipup- making machine rather than an solid concrete block making machine. This is due to the fact that homemade slipup machines aren’t only less precious, but they also help a slipup manufacturer in controlling its outflow. A manually operated machine enables a manufacturer to take on fresh tasks at a low cost. Such a machine is extremely useful for small slipup- manufacturing businesses and construction companies.

One of the great advantages of homemade slipup making machines is their high performance and stability. Bricks made in this way are veritably strong and can repel high loads. In addition, it can be fire- resistant, and reduce conservation costs. It’s simple to learn how to operate the homemade machine for sloggers, which makes it easier to maintain and ameliorate the quality of the solid brick making machine manufacturers.

When the completely solid paver block making machine is working, the mixed accoutrements are first stored in the hopper, and the accoutrements needed for different bricks are put down to the belt conveyor through the PLC control system, and the belt conveyor sends the raw accoutrements to the top of the earth for distribution. also the upper and lower molds start to joggle at the same time, and the bricks are fleetly formed. Eventually, the pressed bricks are pushed out into the palletizer. The entire product process is automatically controlled by the control system.


solid brick making machine


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