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Manual Fly Ash Bricks Machine

Model No. : KMT-006

Manual Fly Ash Bricks Machine
Manual Fly Ash Bricks Machine
Manual Fly Ash Bricks Machine

General Specification of Manual Fly Ash Bricks Machine price

  • Piston is Hard Chrome
  • Wiper on cylinder top.
  • Super pressing Systems for Maximum compaction and strength.
  • Automatic pressing and demoulding by the preset auto timer control.
  • The press is a controlled by jeans of PLC.
  • Fly Ash Bricks, made will have a shining smooth finish.
  • Safe Working conditions with the electrical and mechanical interlock system.
  • Indicative only. Production depends upon the labor efficiency and mix quality.
  • Higher Tonnages, Brick size as per customer specifications. Standard brick the size is 230 X 100 X 75 mm.
  • Save Ply-Wood expense.
  • Specifications are subject to change for improvement. Specifications, eights, volume are approximate only.
  • Manufactures may be introduce a such alterations as they may deem fit without previous notice. machines can supplied as per.
  • customer’s specific requirements. Machine capacity mentioned is only for guidance. It will vary with materials.

Features of Manual Fly Ash Bricks Machine Manufacturers

Maximum High Pressure Tonnage 70
Total Power Required 7.5 HP
Oil Tank Capacity 200 Ltr.
Manufacturing Capacity
Bricks Size : 230 X 100 X 75 mm
Fly-Ash Bricks
Bricks Production
: 3 Pcs. in One Operation
: 3500 Pcs. in 8 Hour
Manufacturing Capacity
Bricks Size : 230 X 150 X 75 mm
Fly-Ash Bricks
Bricks Production
: 2 Pcs. In One Operation
: 3000 Pcs. In 8 Hour
Manufacturing Capacity
Paver Block Size : 60, 80 mm
Paver Blocks
Paver Blocks Production
: 2 Pcs. in One Operation
: 2000 Pcs. in 8 Hour

Manual Fly Ash Bricks Machine In India

A Manual Fly Ash Bricks Machine is one that is operated with the help of laborer. This simply means that these machines require more human hands to operate than automatic machines. These machines depend only on the skill of the operator. Manual brick making machines produce bricks in various shapes, sizes and types. It is available.

So these were some of the top advantages of this Manual Fly Ash Bricks Machine price, which makes us understand why this machine is perfect for a new brick making business. Also, high demand for bricks, various construction companies have started investing in manual brick making machines to provide superior bricks at low cost. Additionally, they can reach a large audience and generate a significant amount of revenue.

Manual Fly Ash Bricks Machine manufacturers are ideal for small projects that require caution and a large amount of human intervention. If you have a project that you want to complete in cost-effective and detailed manner, using such a machine is the best approach. This is due to the faster turnaround time of manually operated machine.

Have you considered buying a manual brick machine for your business and are you curious about the cost of a manual brick making machine? Manual brick machines are a must for new construction businesses. While some tasks can be completed with only a few hands, such machine can greatly increase productivity while requiring less physical effort.

If you run a construction business, you should have a thorough understanding of the costs of owning and operating a manual brick machine. This cost analysis will help you make sound business decisions regarding the purchase and/or upgrading of machines to more modern and productive ones Manual Fly Ash Bricks Machine in india.

Manual brick machines are relatively inexpensive to purchase and maintain. Individuals starting a brick making business should buy a manual brick making machine instead of an automatic machine. This is due to the fact that manual brick machines are not only less expensive, but also help the brick manufacturer to control his overhead. A manually operated machine enables the manufacturer to perform additional tasks at a lower cost. Such machines are extremely useful for small brick manufacturing businesses and construction companies.

A Manual Fly Ash Bricks Machine suppliers allows you to produce high-quality bricks in a short time. Therefore, timely delivery of bricks makes your customers satisfied and more forgiving of possible problems. If a customer knows they can get a product quickly, they are more likely to do business with your company.

Manual Fly Ash Bricks Machine Suppliers

As the use of blocks in buildings grows, so does the need for block making machines. The concept of manual machines has been replaced by the concept of automatic machines. Block making machines were designed to make blocks of various sizes and shapes. The machine is environmentally friendly and includes a variable gang mold system that creates numerous blocks simultaneously.

High-tech block making machine have entered the market and can now provide blocks that meet their specifications. If you want to buy any machine, you should first learn about it. In this blog, we will explore different types of block making machines along with their functionality Manual Fly Ash Bricks Machine.

These bricks are made from the residue of fly ash that is produced when coal samples are burned to generate electricity. These residues are then mixed with other ingredients like sand/stone, cement etc. These ingredients are then compressed using a high pressure hydraulic press resulting in Manual Fly Ash Bricks Machine price. This fly ash brick making machine is very economical as per the increasing demand of fly ash bricks.

The manufacture of fly ash bricks involves four basic processes: mixing, moulding, curing and cubing. Nowadays most of the engineers, building professionals and workers prefer to use fly ash bricks as they are stronger than other types of bricks. The most distinct advantage of using it is that it is hardly affected by changing weather conditions. The chemical composition of these bricks makes them highly resistant to moisture due to which water particles hardly penetrate the surface of these bricks. Get the best fly ash brick making machine from the leading manufacturer and boost your business.


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