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Model No. : KMT-004

automatic fly ash brick machine 8 pieces
automatic fly ash brick machine 8 pieces
automatic fly ash brick machine 8 pieces

General Specification of Fully Automatic Fly Ash Brick Machine 8 Pieces

  • Piston is Hard Chrome
  • Wiper on cylinder top.
  • Super pressing Systems for Maximum contraction and strength.
  • Discharge of finished product through conveyor belt for FASTER product.
  • Automatic pressing and demoulding by preset bus timekeeper control.
  • The press is controlled by jeans of PLC.
  • Fly Ash Bricks, made will have a shining smooth finish.
  • Safe Working conditions with the electrical and mechanical interlock system.
  • Reflective only. product depends upon the labor effectiveness and blend quality.
  • Advanced Tonnages, Brick size as per client specifications. Standard slipup size is 230 X 100 X 75 mm.
  • Specifications are subject to change for enhancement. Specifications, eights, volume are approximate only.
  • Manufactures may be introduce similar differences as they may suppose fit without former notice. machines can supplied as per.
  • Client’s specific conditions. Machine capacity mentioned is only for guidance. It’ll vary with accoutrements.

automatic fly ash brick machine 8 pieces

Features of Fly Ash Brick Machine 8 Pieces

Features Machine Specification
Maximum High Pressure Capacity 125 to 150 Tonnage With Vibrator
Total Power Required 28 HP (Three phase)
(Press Machine 10 HP + Pan Mixer 15 HP + Conveyor Belt 2 HP + Vibrator 1 HP)
OilTank Capacity 400 Ltr. (Hydraulic 0iI 68 Number)
Facility Single Feader Facility For Production of Fly Ash Bricks
Material Mixing and Feeding Pan Mixer with Conveyor Belt
Production Capacity Bricks size : 230 x 110 x 75 MM 14,000 To 15,000 / 8 Hours.
Bricks size: 190 x 90 x 90 MM 18,000 To 19,000/ 8 Hours.
Bricks size : 250 x 120 x 75 MM 9,000 To 10,000 / 8 Hours.
Plastic (Wooden) Pallet Size 23″ x 24” Inches, Thickness 18 MM
Accessories with plant Press Machine – Power Pack – PLC Panel Board – Two Roller Pan Mixer – Conveyor Belt – Two Trolley – Brick Conveying Reil – Tool Box.
Raw Material Fly Ash, Lime Sludge, Gypsym, Aggregate Powder, Cement, Sand Etc.
Labours 8 unskilled – 1 skilled
Size 230 x 110 x 75 MM
Note Also produce Interlocking Paver Blocks Plain Grey

Fly Ash Brick Making Machine 8 Pieces Price

It is necessary to reduce the consumption of fertilizing substances In the manufacture of building bricks, soil and clay are found An alternative to this problem is also necessary to enhance it Fly ash is used in brick making so that we can easily Recycle the fly ash and protect our fertile soil from sulfur in fly ash otherwise the soil will become barren. we are a Manufacturer of Automatic Fly Ash Brick Machine 8 Pieces

When waste fly ash is spread on fertile soil. to find out The optimum material ratio composition of fly ash in building fully automatic fly ash brick machine 8 pieces, will satisfy this level of strength properties well, As per the market demand and specific situation viz Earthquake, after considering the above valuable point it is necessary to produce effective, feasible and significant A common solution for a society that covers all the above issues.

It is necessary to improve such engineering properties Strength, workability, plasticity, tightness of water absorption and efflorescence of fly ash brick machine 8 pieces., which directly improves all mechanical properties such as compressibility. strength, tensile strength, bending, flexural strength etc Estimate the stability and durability of the brick. It also needs to maintain the best Indian standard uniform size and fly ash to reduce the shape of bricks and thickness of plastering and which will also help in reducing aggregate A higher production cost makes the brick stronger.

It can be seen that lignite has fly ash characteristics Mainly by the presence of silica, alumina, calcium etc. The presence of silica in fine form makes it an excellent pozzolanic material. Its abundant availability at practically zero cost gives a lot Good opportunity for construction agencies. We strongly believe in the ability of our project to increase community income and empower the community to be more self-sufficient in future humanitarian development.

Fly Ash Brick Machine 8 Pieces Manufacturers

Fly ash is a useful by-product from thermal power station using pulverized coal. as a fuel and has significant pozzolanic activity. This can be a national resource As an additive, fly ash-lime is advantageously used for the manufacture of bricks Common burnt clay bricks leading to the conservation of natural resources and improved environmental quality. Fly ash is obtained from lime fly ash brick making machine 8 pieces price A large amount of fly ash, lime and material acting as an accelerator A catalyst.

Fly ash-lime bricks are generally made by intergrinding or blending Various raw materials which are then molded into bricks and subjected to Cure cycles at different temperatures and pressures. On occasions, like and When necessary, bottom ash or crushed sand is also used in the formulation of Raw material. Crushed bottom ash or sand is used as an in the composition of Coarse material to control water absorption in the final product. fly ash Calcium silicate reacts with lime in the presence of moisture to form hydrate which is the binder material. Thus fly ash-lime brick is chemically bonded brick.

Fly ash is a fine residue obtained from land use or thermal power stations Coal is operated as boiler fuel. It can be used as a building in various forms Materials The country’s thermal power stations emit large amounts of fly ash Ash that goes to waste but can be effectively used partial replacement for cement. will be observed that the physical and chemical properties of fly ash derive from various Thermal power stations vary widely. A significant difference will be found in These properties of fly ash are derived from the same power regardless of whether it is fly ash The station depends on the coal used by the power stations.

This The overall length of the assembled bricks shall be measured with steel tape or Another suitable offset measure is long enough to measure the entire row on a stretch. Measurement by repeated application of a short rule or scale Permission fly ash brick machine 8 pieces manufacturers.

automatic fly ash brick machine 8 pieces


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