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Model No. : KMT-002

automatic fly ash brick machine 10 pieces
automatic fly ash brick machine 10 pieces
automatic fly ash brick machine 10 pieces

General Specification of Fully Automatic Fly Ash Brick Machine 10 Pieces

  • Piston is Hard Chrome
  • Wiper on cylinder top.
  • Super pressing Systems for Maximum contraction and strength.
  • Discharge of finished product through conveyor belt for FASTER product.
  • Automatic pressing and demoulding by preset bus timekeeper control.
  • The press is controlled by jeans of PLC.
  • Fly Ash Bricks, made will have a shining smooth finish.
  • Safe Working conditions with the electrical and mechanical interlock system.
  • Reflective only. product depends upon the labor effectiveness and blend quality.
  • Advanced Tonnages, Brick size as per client specifications. Standard slipup size is 230 X 100 X 75 mm.
  • Specifications are subject to change for enhancement. Specifications, eights, volume are approximate only.
  • Manufactures may be introduce similar differences as they may suppose fit without former notice. machines can supplied as per.
  • Client’s specific conditions. Machine capacity mentioned is only for guidance. It’ll vary with accoutrements.

Features of Fly Ash Brick Machine 10 Pieces

Features Machine Specification
Maximum High Pressure Capacity 150 to 180 Tonnage With Vibrator
Total Power Required 34 HP (Three phase)
(Press Machine 10 HP + Pan Mixer 15 HP + Conveyor Belt 2 HP + Vibrator 1 HP)
OilTank Capacity 450 Ltr. (Hydraulic 0iI 68 Number)
Facility Single Feader Facility For Production of Fly Ash Bricks
Material Mixing and Feeding Pan Mixer with Conveyor Belt
Production Capacity Bricks size : 230 x 110 x 75 MM 18,000 To 19,000 / 8 Hours.
Bricks size: 190 x 90 x 90 MM 22,000 To 23,000/ 8 Hours.
Bricks size : 250 x 120 x 75 MM 14,000 To 15,000 / 8 Hours.
Plastic (Wooden) Pallet Size 23″ x 30” Inches, Thickness 18 MM
Accessories with plant Press Machine – Power Pack – PLC Panel Board – Two Roller Pan Mixer – Conveyor Belt – Two Trolley – Brick Conveying Reil – Tool Box.
Raw Material Fly Ash, Lime Sludge, Gypsym, Aggregate Powder, Cement, Sand Etc.
Labours 8 unskilled – 1 skilled
Size 230 x 110 x 75 MM
Note Also produce Interlocking Paver Blocks Plain Grey

Fly Ash Brick Making Machine 10 Pieces Price

automatic fly ash brick machine 10 pieces decreasingly being used as a resource material rather than waste. expansive exploration has proven That cover ash can be used in colorful fields. It can be used for the recovery of low- lying areas, as a result Conservation of clod. It can also be used for backfilling of open cast mines and underground stowage Mines affect in the conservation of clod and swash beach. Fly ash is particularly suitable for the use construction sector.

It tries to bridge the gap between exploration and development and large scale Use of innovative structure material technologies. He has been necessary in the preface of fully automatic fly ash brick machine 10 pieces technology. It also provides policy support to the Government of India on affiliated matters Natural resource conservation, environmental declination, waste minimizationetc. to spread To produce mindfulness and confidence in the field of energy effective and environmentally friendly technologies, The council regularly undertakes the construction of demonstration structures similar as houses, informal requests, academy structures, community structures,etc.

Use of cover ash in the manufacture of bricks as a way of exercising waste generated by thermal power The factory attracts the attention of the government. enterprise substantially concentrate on the creation of Research and development of technology and marketable operation of technology in construction fly ash brick machine 10 pieces.

Every state in the country has an artificial creation policy. These programs outline precedence areas for artificial development and state enterprise for the same Development of artificial sectors. Generally, these enterprise are in the form of impulses or Subsidies States like Odisha and Chhattisgarh have linked cover fly ash brick making machine 10 pieces price products as their precedence. The areas are fiscal and marketing support, as well as support for structure development Priority, is handed for fields. The Industrial Policy of Tamil Nadu identifies cost-effective structure Content is a precedence area. Although conventional slipup making units are ineligible for impulses,

Fly Ash Brick Machine 10 Pieces Manufacturers

fly ash brick machine 10 pieces manufacturers available in the country. With increased energy conditions, the quantum of cover ash yield will only increase. sweats are needed to increase the application position of cover ash beyond 60 percent. The use of cover ash in bricks presents a unique occasion to increase application situations. Fortunately, numerous Catalysts have been necessary in accelerating technology uptake.

Some countries encourage it By Fly Ash Comers their artificial programs. Entrepreneurs are given a big boost through preferential procurement of Fly Ash Bricks by Government Departments. Unfortunately, this isn’t current in all countries. Only Some countries like Odisha have made the use of cover ash bricks obligatory in a near construction. Thermal Power shops. Odisha has gone a step further by calling the use of cover ash bricks in construction Government structures across the state, irrespective of their locales. still, further countries are demanded Encourage entrepreneurs to set up more units.

India is presently witnessing a construction smash due to rapid-fire urbanization and the increased casing structure requirements of a growing population. Addressing and meeting the current casing deficit unborn demand, with the implicit need for reconstruction due to property damage due to climate change, will accelerate the growth of the construction sector. it’s It’s clear that the demand for bricks will increase. The environmental impacts will only get worse with Current practices in the slipup sector. still, this is seen as a tremendous occasion Entrepreneurs to enhance technology.

still, with the construction smash in the country, the profit perimeters of red bricks have declined Fly ash slipup is seen as a boon by entrepreneurs. The price of red bricks is also adding due to an increase Coal prices. As a result, the profit periphery of entrepreneurs decreases. On the other hand, there are fly ash bricks Cheaper than red bricks. thus, increased profitability compels further and further entrepreneurs to resettle Towards cover ash bricks.

Fly ash slipup product technology and The product process is less. The advantages of producing these bricks similar as reduction of peaks in Soil consumption, waste operation, coal savings, and carbon emigration reduction weren’t known. to stakeholders. Due to the low position of mindfulness, the perception of low- quality of bricks prevailed.


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